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Amy Tedge - Applique/Butterflies Workshop


We are delighted to welcome Amy Tedge to Treehouse Textiles, we have been in love with Amy's gorgeous applique butterflies and stitching for a long time and are so pleased that she is coming to teach workshops with us.

Amy started quilt making fourteen years ago when her mum, Lorraine, opened Hettie’s Patch in Adelaide. They have held wonderful workshops with some fabulous teachers from all over the world and Australia many of whom she has had the privilege to learn from. Having said that, Amy's questions and ideas have mostly been clarified by her mum, because according to Amy, her mum is the finest quilt maker she knows!

Amy started @fromtheshopfloor on Instagram to showcase her own sewing and painting projects for Hettie’s Patch. Recently, the inability to throw away some small pieces of fabric treasure has led her down a garden path full of butterflies. Each butterfly is a progression of the one before it and holds within it every sewing lesson she has learnt over that past fourteen years. They each have their own study in composition, technique and colour, and they each have their own little bit of whimsy for good measure.