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Sandra Boyle Workshop


Sandra Boyle describes her quilts as ' Happy Quilts'...richly colourful, attractive & simple designs. We couldn't agree more, and love that scrappy quilts are one of Sandra's favourites. We are so pleased to have Sandra workshop her quilts at Treehouse Textiles.

Her aesthetic is ours too, we are on the same 'quilts we love' page, and there are no worries about inspiration, one look at her lovely quilts and you won't be able to resist getting all that fabric out you have been squirreling away!!

But it's not just about Scrappy Quilts, Sandra also enjoys hand piecing, applique & hand quilting. You will be guided by her fabric selection, choice of pattern and the making process.

We love her work and it's really exciting that we have this workshop opportunity at Treehouse Textiles.

Don't miss this workshop, it will be happy and productive...and good fun too!

Workshop 10am to 3.30pm with a half hour break for lunch.

23 Mar 2024
12 Oct 2024
24 Aug 2024
22 June 2024
13 Jan 2024