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Treehouse Textiles

Emma Di Stefano Workshop


Spend time at Treehouse Textiles with Emma in a classroom situation, learn how to make her every increasing range of quilts, it is a great opportunity to increase your patchwork/sewing skills and have fun at the same time. Possible skills you could learn on the day.

Hand Piecing

The benefits of hand piecing include socializing while sewing (!!), relieving stress in a quiet setting, using simple techniques, hand piecing is a perfect portable project. With hand piecing, the only pieces of equipment you need are needles, thread, pins, scissors, a thimble and your fabric, this workshop aims to teach you a variety of skills that you can use in your patchwork. Sweet Sunday or Bella Ruby is perfect for this.

Paper Piecing

Hexagon paper piecing is a time honoured technique dating back to at least the 1830's, hand stitched they can be assembled in modular units. This workshop is an introduction to the basic skills you need to paper piece hexagons, learning three different methods. A very satisfying patchwork skill that can be used  so many ways, purse making (really cute!) cushions, wall art, quilts, or homeware projects. Hexagons can also be made in a variety of sizes according to your project, a really versatile way to use fabric scraps.

Hand Quilting

Always wanted to hand quilt but never sure how, this workshop will teach you the basics of hand quilting using the 'running' stitch and 'stab quilting' method.

Machine Piecing

Learn how to use a rotary cutter & ruler to make perfect points, use any pattern or picture as inspiration for a patchwork quilt or cushion.

Enjoy a peaceful workshop, learning these lovely skills which is a fantastic opportunity to express your inner craftiness to make something uniquely handmade in a contemporary way.

Workshop 10am to 3.30pm with a half hour break for lunch. Light morning and afternoon tea included.

15 Jan 2021
20 Feb 2021